A New Normal of OUR Making – Tyranny Resistors Gone Wild


Alternate Current Radio Presents: BOILER ROOM – Hesher and Spore’s reality radiologue follows their journey down the media mine-field of rabbit holes again for this May 6th, 2021 edition of the Social Rejects Club Round Table meeting with Odd Man Out, Ruckus, Truth Hound Mark Anderson, and Chopper.

A Chinese man is sentenced to execution for inappropriately rubbing himself on the 40-some-odd year old mummified corpse of Mao… how this headline analysis morphed into the discussion that followed, is still a bit of a mystery, but thats how Ice-Breaking goes sometimes in the Boiler Room. Are concepts like war, slavery, serfdom, finance, oppression and health completely different in a technocratic global take over? What is the threshold for taking dangerous products off the market for companies that are not given full indemnity? All this and more, on this episode of BOILER ROOM!